ZEN DEVILS - Obscure ninja madness !!

What's the mindset of the brand ?
Can you feel those apocalypse vibes and the chaos around you ? Don't get an hostile environment get to your head. Whether physical or in your mind, the warrior's spirit must awaken within yourself. Combining wise ancient spiritual teachings and futuristic tactical combat equipment, get ready to overcome your own battles with the confidence of the ZEN DEVILS.

By who, when and where ?

Nice to meet you ! My name is Viriyah Edgar Karet and I founded ZEN DEVILS during the summer of 2019, in Paris, France. The idea of the brand and design was to combine Europe's occultism with Asia's spirituality. It started as a dark streetwear brand which mostly evolved into techwear. Until now, the brand remains a one-man operation.

How and where is it made ?
At first, I draw all designs and product ideas (pencil on paper). Then I order fabrics, accessory pieces, as well as embroideries and more (patches, woven labels, glow-in-the dark PVC etc.). I'm working with suppliers from China, USA, Netherlands and France. Once I get all the elements, I make the final products myself with my sewing machine, here in France. Prints (cards, stickers..) as well as screen prints and embroideries on clothes are also made in France. Everything is stored at my place and I personally send packages on a daily basis.
You have to be proud to own and wear your clothes. I make sure you get quality, from the general style, down to the smallest details.

What does ZEN DEVILS means ?
Accept it, we all are Devils : We hide truths, we get jealous and we sometimes get carry by anger.
But how Zen are you ? Working on ourselves and mastering our emotions might be the first path to success.

What's the vision ?
Full energetic mindset while in love with all forms of dark arts.
Proud to be apart and unlimited passion for fashion and aesthetics.
Maximum motivation to impact the world with fresh new vibes, having meaning and make the difference whatever the cost.
Not here to make another brand or just to sell you clothes.

Why do I need it ?
To be one of the coolest ultra badass person of the universe.

Shipping & returns

All items on this website are in stock and ready to be shipped.
Once paid, your order will be shipped within the same day, maximum up to 3 days. 
All products are sent from France.
Packages are sent WORLDWIDE !!

Returns and exchanges are accepted, shipping costs are covered by the buyer, please send an email for more details.

If you have any question or problem, just send me an Email at info@zendevils.com
I will reply as soon as possible and do my best to help you.